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Adnan Abrashi, Foto Adnan Abrashi, Horoskopi
Adnan Abrashi was born on 21.12.1957 in Prizren, Kosova. He finished primary school and high school in Prizreni with excellent success. In the year of 1982 he has graduated from faculty of Low in University of Prishtina. Since then he was devoted to astrology and horoscop..." Adnan Abrashi is one of our staff member at AlbaNur and is devoted to help Albanians to know more about Horoscope and Zodiac signs and their meaning...
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Yearly horoscopes for 2013
How is compiled personal horoscope?
Developing personal horoscope is not just a simple routine "accidentally shot of things", as we think. But, it is constructed from a series of operational actions more theoretical detail-traditional rituals, accounting and other principles mathematical feature, by means of which reach the entire information for concrete designated mark.

▪ Of all the actions needed to the wording of the preamble to concrete sign horoscope, a special significance also plays its classification criteria in a group of one of the four elements: air, fire, water and earth. According to ancient wisdom occultists, any action or physical and mental activity can be determined at the level of the characteristics of these four elements metaphorically.

The air is always the idea, fire response procedures action in the way of the realization of the idea, symbolizing water swelling and joformės condition, while the earth is the final phases of new product (the embodiment of the idea of transforming). Depending on which of these universal developmental stages there is a certain process, they also have their own characteristics which were previously defined. Here are the following general characteristics of the group of concrete signs of the horoscope in accordance with the characteristics of the four universal elements:
Air elements horoscope signs: Libra, Aquarius and Gemini.

We all use for breathing air, viz., Is one of the basic elements of life. People who belong to the horoscope sign characteristics of this element are distributed throughout with pleasure, or, more specifically, are present everywhere. They are transparent types, types of chameleons, elusive. In their dances, almost acrobatic type, are full of energy and curious about everything and that their interests are very broad. They love and desire to be gas. Problems and controversies do not belong to their nature.

Ie the element group i want things abstract and higher demands in their lives are being completely free. Precisely this is why they are often afraid to close ties. At the same time, they seek to have strict rules, but also to establish themselves, given principle in respect of their correct. Once you are above average intelligence their thoughts and ideas that produce may be overload for others. Although people believe strongly in their ideas, circle does not understand them, because the basic stages of ideas, in which inistojnė is the beginning of transformation - AIR.

People want urgent action air. To respond to the elements of fire. But the fantasy of water creates harmony with the way of life of the air.

Fire horoscope signs include: Aries, Leo and Sagittarius.

Expressed figuratively, fire burns continuously and is consistent throughout the night. Is hot, luminous and accompanied by others respectfully. People of this element does not want to fall into distress, they possess more souls because they are seen. Ardent vocation, makes often be explosive tip. A hectic as internal impetus that turns to be always on the move. People claim fire power. Their needs for money and high awareness of selfishness expressed, often fanatical, however, have extraordinary capacity to persuade others with their ideas. No vain talking about them, someone held a "fiery speech". At the same time, these guys are capable fierce as talented organizers. Are capable of enthusing others and optimistic, but also have little inclination to act. A fire-man will never ask questions themselves. He is the center of attention in his world, some of which can meet others. But also other elements it is often easier. Ideal for this type of partner has the element of air, which feeds the fire, and the fire heats the air-a link with many advantages.
Animal circle signs Aquarius Zodiac: Cancer, Scorpio and Fish.

Always on the move, never to attack, changing ourselves continuously - this is water. And such is man, whose element is water. It has many faces, is full of fantasy and artist of its kind. However, the water does not flow by itself: it always needs a boost to a person, who tells him where to operate longer. If man-fish, however, once the target gets a goal, then no one can stop dot from this approach. He is stubborn, always finds its way, very well adapted to new circumstances. "Leaky water ever eroding stone", and who was born on the element of water, this word to the wise know better and can actually prove. A man-fish never ignore the limits and potential obstacles. Will always work toward those who, every obstacle, slowly safe and pass time. But since, in principle, it needs a person who gives ideas, man-fish always walk on the edge of the sword., Which will be delivered in the lap of dependence on others. If it is self, then get bored quickly. An ideal partner for this type of man would man the earth element. Ground water gives durability and makes it fertile.

Terrestrial animals on horoscope sign: Capricorn, Taurus and Virgo.

Always present on earth. Often seems able as such, while to others react sluggish and without flexibility. Can anyone actually born in the element of earth, immutability. Persons in this element will never allow anyone to stretch out on the floor. It is a smooth pole, which can be relied upon, and to build a lot. Soil types are patient and brave, loving peace and aware of their responsibilities. One can befall neck, which can be provoked and encouraged. Then, they barely heard! Erupt as a volcano! Their anger resembles an earthquake! If a man-land you as a partner, you can find that you are lucky. Unconditional service and complete fidelity and loyalty, this is the goal of their lives. Who has the patience and explores the depth of flavor of these types, it will be as a gift a soul full of gold. Elements of earth and water go well each other. However, air-to-ground elements can organize themselves and cooperate with each other.
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